Join us Sunday at 10:00am for a spiritual uplift!


Arrive at 9:30 am for our 20 minute silent meditation and add an extra boost to your practice.

Meeting Place: 

678 Enos Way Livermore, CA 94551

The first thing you will notice when you attend a Sunday Celebration Service at Lighthouse Center for Spiritual Living, is the dynamic energy of welcome and affection for every person that walks in the door. 

Our informal services are uplifting and inspirational. The intention of our services is to support your own direct connection with God, the Love-Intelligence within you.

Contemporary live music is provided by the Lighthouse Band, guest artists, and professional musicians. Music selections range from weekly standards, popular favorites and original compositions.

We welcome children and their parents to our services. Children are invited to participate in our Youth Program.  The Center for Spiritual Living Livermore Valley youth team serves all youth at the 10am service,

Children: Kindergarten-4th grade

Teens: 5th grade-12th grade

All are welcome, no matter race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other distinguishing quality.

A spiritual home is what it’s all about, so after every service we offer fun and connection. Learn more about The Lighthouse, Center for Spiritual Living Livermore Valley, meet new like-minded folks, grow, share and awaken!

We can't wait to meet you!

Listen to previous Sunday talks


Free parking and handicapped parking available.