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Sunday September 15, 2019

“Unconditional Love”

Here is an update from our very own Rev. Harriet "I am happy to report that I came home September 9th after 11 days at the Kaiser Permanente, Redwood City Hospital. I know all your prayers are a big reason why I am home and doing fairly well. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It took me a while to fully absorb the seriousness of what was happening, but as the surgeon talked to me right before the surgery telling me the danger I was in, I knew I had to lean on other people's prayers that I wasn't able to pray for myself. When Jack shared with me all the people who were praying for me and continued to pray for me the whole time I was in the hospital...well there are no words. My heart is so deeply moved by your profound kindness and love. I am forever grateful for every one of you and changed because of you.
I am still healing. I get tired pretty quickly, but simultaneously feeling such gratitude to be home and on the mend."


We would like to thank you so much for your brilliant donations. The gift of $390 in grocery and gas cards have been given to Rev. Harriet, Jack and Julian in much appreciation. If you would like to support the family, your prayers, cards and personal notes are very much appreciated. In lieu of meals, we will have a basket out on Sunday to collect money or purchased gift cards, or you can donate via our website and we will purchase more gift cards from local grocers. Thank you for your continued love and generosity! Please follow the donate instructions on our website donation page: Rev. Harriet's Healing Fund

Sunday Service: Unconditional Love
We are pleased to be welcoming back Rev. Susan Overland as our guest speaker this Sunday as Rev. Harriet recuperates from her surgery. Rev. Susan, a staff minister at the San Jose Center for Spiritual Living, is dedicated to inspiring transformation and possibility in the lives of others, as a speaker, facilitator, director and teacher. She will be speaking on the monthly theme of “Unconditional Love.” Her practical, smart and funny style will help make this a fabulous service! Please bring friends and family, and enjoy this revealing and uplifting talk!

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This Sunday we celebrate our 6th anniversary as the Center for Spiritual Living, Livermore Valley Lighthouse. Come join us for this special day as we give thanks, for 6 years of joy and blessings in co-creating the Lighthouse community. We invite you to join us this Sunday for Service at 10 AM. Join us for a 20 minute meditation before service at 9:30 AM.

September Theme: What Does Unconditional Love Really Mean?  

September Book of the Month: Spiritual Ecology: The Cry Of the Earth by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

This Sunday's Music Performed by:

Julia Postolaki

You heard her beautiful, clear soprano voice in the mini-choir last week. Come hear her solo renditions of heart-filled songs with spiritual messages.

TThursday, September 19th, 7 p.m.: There is still time to join Foundations Class! This wonderful 10-week class will introduce you to the foundational principles of the universe and how to apply them to your life. It's such a joy to see how they uniquely work for each person. All are welcome! $240 (payments can be made throughout the 10-weeks.) Facilitated by Practitioner Cher Wollard for the first few classes while Rev. Harriet is recuperating. Register Here

Roots Class Join us for this 10 week class on Tuesdays from 7:00PM - 9:30PM beginning 9/17/19. The Lighthouse is offering the certificated class “Roots” in September. This class explores the Roots of the Science of Mind discipline that was created by founder Ernest Holmes. Excerpts from writings of three authors who influenced Ernest Holmes will be read and discussed: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emma Curtis Hopkins and Judge Thomas Troward. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the history of New Thought while you explore your own personal beliefs and path. Classes will be Tuesday night at The Lighthouse, 678 Enos Way Livermore, CA from 7 PM to 9:30 PM beginning September 17th. Gloria Halverson will begin as Facilitator for this class with Rev Harriet joining in future classes as her health permits.
The prerequisite for Roots is Foundations. This is the next class in the series for students who are pursuing or considering Practitioner training. The fee is $240 and there are attendance requirements; should you have concerns about your ability to cover the fee or meet the attendance requirement, please contact Gloria Halverson to discuss alternatives arrangements. Register Here

Saturday, November 9th 6:00 p.m. : Save the date! We will be having our annual Harvest Dinner. This year we are excited to be having the dinner at our current location 678 Enos Way, Livermore. We have set the date, further details will follow.

The Kremmel Twins are here!
On another amazing note from our community, please join with us in welcoming two new lighthouses, Joseph Emmanuel, 6 lb 3oz, 18.5 inches; and Sebastian Lake, 6 lb 6oz, 18.5 inches! Lindsey is doing amazing, both boys are eating and breathing perfectly and Edith, Lilly and Mariah could not be more excited, what a blessing to our community. If you would like to help out you can support the family with meals and childcare assistance: Signup Here

Volunteer Opportunities! If you are looking to share some sacred service with our community, we need help with both set-up and clean-up on Sundays. We are also welcoming new folks to greet and usher on Sunday mornings. Sign up sheets are on the back table, or you can speak to Therese Salles or Chit Castro.

Morning Meditation: Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:10 a.m. there is a 40-minute silent meditation. All are welcome. Facilitated by Practitioner Paula Flegel.

Home Groups: We are accepting new people into Home Groups. If you're interested, please sign-up on Sunday morning or:   Register Here.
In Infinite Love and DeLight,
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