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Sunday July 14 2019

“Nirvana is Seeing One Thing through to the end”

The subtitle for this Sunday's talk is Perseverance! Perseverance! Perseverance! Though freedom is our inherent nature all the time, it takes work to experience and live it beyond and within the confines of our human identity. We believe it's possible, but do we keep doing the daily work day after day to make it our living reality? We get to choose every day if we will continue on our path of freedom or stay in the imprisoning routine of our small identity. What one thing, if you saw it through to the end, would have a powerful, positive, transformative, impact on your life?

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July Theme: Freedom Finders

July 21st: In the Meantime…

July 28th: Too Good to be True?

July's Book of the Month: The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life, Freedom, and Justice, by Anthony Ray Hinton

There is also an HBO documentary, which they are showing for free on their website for the next 30 days, about Bryan Stevenson, Hinton's lawyer. It's excellent.

July's Film of the Month: Shawshank Redemption

Volunteer Opportunities! If you are looking to share some sacred service with our community, we need help with both set-up and clean-up on Sundays. We are also welcoming new folks to greet and usher on Sunday mornings. Sign up sheets are on the back table, or you can speak to Therese Salles or Chit Castro.


Free CSL Diversity Inclusion Webinars: July 15, July 16, July 17 and July 18. Sign up for any of these four free webinars: Webinar #1 and Webinar #4 - Aging is Mandatory - Getting Old is Optional, Webinar #2 - My Body Size is None of Your Business, Webinar #3 - Weaving our Generations Together. For details and to register see our events page: Diversity Inclusion Webinars

Saturday, July 20th - Mini-meditation Retreat with Diane Pahler: This is a wonderful opportunity to relax into your true self. For details see our events page:
Meditation Retreat

Sunday, July 21st; How to Pray with Power: From 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. join Practitioners Jerri Bowen and Cher Wollard as they teach the process of affirmative prayer using the Principal "It is done unto you as you believe." Students will learn and practice the steps of Prayer Treatment and apply ideas of Oneness, Unity, Clarity, Gratitude, Faith, and the Power of the Word. $20 donation. Praying with Power

Monday, July 22nd: Explore your personal beliefs about life after death in week 2 of a 5-week Book Study facilitated by Gloria Halverson. The book, Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves documents contact between the author and her friend, Frances Banks, a deceased Anglican Nun. Whether you believe in contact with those from the other side of the veil or not, the material presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the possibilities and your beliefs. The book study is five sessions on Monday nights, 6:30 to 9 PM. Attend all or some of the discussions. Love offering ($20 per session suggested). June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5 and August 19. For details and registration see our events page: Book Study: Testimony of Light 

Tuesday, July 23rd - Exploring Roots. This is a CSL certificated 10-week class where we will be exploring 3 of Ernest Holmes influences, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward and Emma Curtis Hopkins. Even as you explore Holmes roots, you will simultaneously be reflecting on your own beliefs about Universal Truth Principles. Pre-requisite, Foundations Class. Cost $240. Rev. Harriet, facilitator.

Sunday, July 28 - Prosperity Workshop! Cher Wollard facilitates this powerful, monthly workshop about waking up and owning our inherently prosperous self. The workshop is from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Parish Hall. For details see our events page: Prosperity Workshop
Sunday, August 4th: Mid Year Check-In! Please join Practitioner Christine Rosi for your mid-year check-in. This is truly a gift we give ourselves. We will take some time to reflect on the first half of the year and connect with our heart's desires. We will be meditating and also creating Treasure maps (dream boards) to visualize those intentions. Come and have a fun time refocusing on your dreams and passions. 1 - 3 p.m. Love offering ($20 recommended). Mid Year Check-In

Morning Meditation:  Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:10 a.m. there is a 40-minute silent meditation at the Parish Hall.  All are welcome. Facilitated by Practitioner Paula Flegel.

Home Groups: We are accepting new people into Home Groups. If you're interested, please sign-up on Sunday morning or     Register Here.

Community Table: We know that many of you, our community members, are involved in activities that you would like to share with others. For any flyers and information that you would like to share, there is a table available on Sundays for your use. 

St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church:  To find out what's happening with our neighbors, please visit their website:
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